What is Holdenville Education Foundation?

The community of Holdenville believes the quality of its educational system directly reflects the quality of life of its citizens and the economic success of the community. Knowing that public schools are increasingly burdened with financial difficulties, the Holdenville Education Foundation (HEF) was chartered in 2003 as a charitable, non-profit, tax-exempt organization that operates independently but supports Holdenville Public Schools, its administration, its staff, and the board of education.

Being a charitable organization, the Foundation enables contributors to receive tax benefits for monetary gifts that are placed in an endowment. Funds from this endowment are invested, and the interest earned expended on educational programs generated within the Holdenville Public School System.


What is Our Mission?
The Mission of the Holdenville Educational Foundation is:

  • To encourage academic excellence
    in Holdenville Public Schools;
  • To develop community ownership, commitment and pride in Holdenville Public Schools;
  • To generate creativity, imagination and inspiration in students and teachers;
  • To stimulate learning and expand the existing curriculum.

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Thomas Elementary School

Ethel M. Reed Elementary School